10 essential breakfast restaurants in Tel Aviv

Tel Avivians love to eat and they never skip the most important part of the day – breakfast!!! Hotels in Tel Aviv always have breakfast included in your stay, but if you’re feeling extra adventurous, read on and find out our best recommendations for breakfast restaurants in Tel Aviv.

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🍳 What do Israelis eat for breakfast?

Visiting Israel for the first time? Let us give you a quick tutorial on what the Israelis wake up to. Traditionally, shakshuka is the staple breakfast but through the evolution of the mixed cultures in Israel, they are also fond of having burekas. My friends and I always love doing our own burekas on Fridays (before Shabbat dinner).

The most common ingredients found in the Israeli breakfast are eggs, feta cheese, eggplant tahini, and lots and lots of salads. Israelis love to eat but they are also very conscious about the things they put in their mouth. Tel Aviv has the highest vegan per capita in the world hence the popularity of vegan menus in all restaurants in Israel.

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
Shakshuka is one of the most popular Israeli breakfasts and it’s 100% vegetarian! It’s tasty as it is – no meat needed!
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breakfast restaurants in tel aviv

🥓 17 breakfast restaurants in Tel Aviv

#1: Anastasia

📍 Frishman St 54
💲 from US$17

Anastasia has been the leading vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv for years now. Tel Avivians like Anastasia because of the great outdoor and indoor seating areas where you can have long brunches every Friday. Vegans love Anastasia because they have a long list of raw food on their menu.

On Anastasia’s menu: Shakes, Israeli breakfast like shakshuka, and a large coffee menu! Our favorite is the house spreads with sunflower aioli cream, spicy cilantro, chutney, and egg salad. This is a great appetizer to share with your group and it’s only US$17!

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
The best vegan bowls in Tel Aviv are in Anastasia! | Photo: Or Kaplan

#2: Nola American Bakery

📍 Dizengoff St 197
💲 from US$20

For when you are missing food at home, Nola Bakery is one of the best American breakfast restaurants in Tel Aviv. They serve all-day breakfast and they also bake their bread daily. Locals stop here to buy fresh bread and desserts. They have great cakes on display and we love their coffee, too!

On Nola’s menu: The American breakfast staple – eggs, bacon, hash brown, omelet, and pancakes. If you’re taking suggestions on what to order, we love the vegetarian black stone biscuit, a biscuit split open and topped with tomatoes, bacon, salmon, and spinach with poached eggs in Hollandaise sauce and green salad on the side (US$20).

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
The chefs at Nola can also customize your American breakfast according to your liking!

#3: Cafe Cucu

📍 Dizengoff St 83
💲 from US$20

The tables and chairs at Cafe Cucu are right on the streets of Dizengoff and it’s the best spot for people-watching. This is what they call the “Little Paris” in Tel Aviv. Locals love to come here for breakfast because the owner is very hands-on and will attend to you personally. It’s a small place so, like many other breakfast restaurants in Tel Aviv, Shabbat can be really busy so expect a long wait.

On Cafe Cucu’s menu: Cafe Cucu changes their dinner menu but their breakfast menu consists of many different eggs, cheese plates, salad, and many other vegetarian delights. The best breakfast dishes to try are Shakshuka ‘Mon Cheri’ and the cauliflower-eggplant Siniya, both at US$21.

✨ Tip: Cafe Cucu has a boutique hotel on top of the cafe. This is a great area to stay in and you can book a room for US$225 per night.

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
Head to Cafe Cucu after walking around the Dizengoff Square. There is a vintage market at Dizengoff every Friday!

#4: Lehamim

📍 6 locations in Tel Aviv
💲 from US$15

Bread lovers, listen up! Lehamim is a bakery in Tel Aviv that is a Kosher’s favorite. There are over 50 types of bread here – pies, cakes, sweet bread, savory bread, sandwiches, and cookies are some examples. The best branches with tables and chairs are the ones in Hasmonaim and Ibn Gvirol. While you’re at it, take a stroll at Ibn Gvirol, one of the most popular streets in Tel Aviv.

On Lehamim’s menu: Every bread, cake, and pastries you can think of. We recommend the burekas at Lehamim!

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
Lehamim is one of the quick stop for small bites when you are walking (or biking) around Tel Aviv.

#5: Cafe Xoho

📍 J. L. Gordon St 17

This is a small breakfast joint with a self-service concept. Order at the counter, pay, and then enjoy your breakfast! Cafe Xoho is usually filled with remote workers and young Tel Avivians who are working from home. Most foods on the menu are vegan and they offer all-day breakfast!

On Cafe Xoho’s menu: bagels, healthy bowls, smoothies, coffee, salads, pancakes, and even burritos! We love the almond feta bagel (US$8.50) with options to order onion/jalapeño jam and house-cured salmon on the side for non-vegans. If you can’t get enough, order their signature banana bread (US$6) for takeaway.

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
The egg and cheese bagel and the breakfast burrito are the best-sellers at Cafe Xoho.

#6: Benedict

📍 various locations in Tel Aviv
💲 from US$12

Benedict is a restaurant chain in Tel Aviv where you can get breakfast 24/7. It has been an authority when it comes to the best breakfast restaurants in Tel Aviv. You always see a Benedict wherever you go! Benedict is usually popular with Tel Avivians who are going out of the club at 7:00 AM (from hours of partying the previous night). But don’t worry, it is not rowdy nor full of drunk people.

On Benedict’s menu: Eggs benedict. I can’t say more. 😉 But let me give you a tip: the best branch is the Benedict Food Park!

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
There may be 100 ways to cook eggs, but eggs benedict is always popular.

#7: Basma Coffee

📍 Louis Pasteur St 5
💲 from US$10

Basma is a Middle Eastern cafe located in Jaffa. It is not very touristy yet and it has a different atmosphere compared to the other breakfast restaurants in Tel Aviv. The family that owns Basma is always around. Basma’s interior is filled with antique fixtures and you can choose to sit outside or inside – both areas are highly recommended!

On the menu: Ever had a Middle Eastern meal? Basma is one of the few places where we love to get malabi and knafeh! Try these two dishes and let us know what you think!

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
Travel back in time with the antique fixtures at Basma Coffe. | Photo: Archilovers

#8: The Streets

📍 King George St 70 and Ibn Gvirol
💲 from US$20

The Streets has big portions of food and is one of the best digital nomad cafes in Tel Aviv. The top floor serves as a space for remote workers who want to have a great meal while working. The portions are big and the food presentation exceeds the expectations of their fairly-priced menu. They have 2 branches in Tel Aviv but they don’t serve the exact same menu. Surprise yourself and try both!

On The Streets’ menu: coffee, sandwiches, salads, healthy bowls (raw), cakes, wine/beer. For starters, get the table filler which is sourdough bread with a side platter. The side options are feta, tuna salad, or avocado.

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
The streets motto: “no sharing.”

#9: Hummus Abu Dabi

📍 King George St 81
💲 from US$10

Nope, this is not an Emirati city but it does present a lot of food from the UAE. Another favorite in the King George area, you will find many Middle Eastern and Israeli fusion on the menu. The best part of this is you can see them making hummus (step-by-step) from a window – don’t forget to take pictures because it is amusing to watch. Bonus if they gave you the recipe!

On Abu Dabi’s menu: Hummus, hummus, hummus!

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
All the traditional Israeli dishes in one roof.

#10: Lechem vShut

Ben Yehuda St 128
from US$7

Another big bakery in Tel Aviv, Lechem vShut is a busy bakery full of people in line for takeaway as early as 6:00 AM. You can sit down at the restaurant and they sometimes have live music. Their tables and chairs are also on the street so this is a good casual brunch spot in Tel Aviv. The servers and the people who work here have very good energy and will do their best for you to have the best time.

breakfast restaurants in tel aviv
Freshly baked bread every day of the week.

✈️ Ready for your trip to Tel Aviv? If you need more information about the best breakfast restaurants in Tel Aviv, I’d be happy to update this post – just leave your questions below!

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