4 day trips from Tel Aviv: we combined the best destinations!

We get it. Tel Aviv is such a fun city but it can be exhausting, especially if you’re always out and about. Well, let’s try to fix that. Take some day trips from Tel Aviv and see the wonders of Israel!

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While we do love Tel Aviv very much, we always make sure to rent a car and drive out of the city, especially on weekends. In order to maximize your day trips from Tel Aviv, you need to do them in combos, not individually. We combined some options on this list and we put together those places that are near each other.

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🕛 How long are day trips from Tel Aviv?

Israel is a small country and you can actually travel the whole country for less than 10 hours (by drive, without stopping from North to South). Day trips from Tel Aviv usually lasts for 10 hours. Expect the drives from point A to B to be less than 2 hours.

day trips from tel aviv

🧭 What is the best day trip from Tel Aviv?

For those who don’t have that much time in Israel, the most important day trip from Tel Aviv to take is Jerusalem and Bethlehem (that is, if you are not going to stay in Jerusalem which we are sure you will! Another great option is the Masada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea combo which are historically important to Israel.

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🚍 4 day trips from Tel Aviv

#1: Jerusalem and Bethlehem

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Jerusalem is only an hour away so it’s one of the best day trips from Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is the star of the prominent Hebrew Bible and is also the most visited destination in Israel. Many pilgrims all over the world come to Jerusalem for a pilgrimage tour. Jerusalem is not only home to the jews but different religions such as Catholic Orthodox and Muslim.

  • The first part you should visit is the Mount Scopus which is also called “Mount Lookout.” It is where you’ll find great views of the Temple Mount and the city of Jerusalem.
  • Visit the Armenian Quarter, Western Wall, and the Wailing Wall
  • See local bazaars in Jerusalem
  • Visit the Christian Quarter and the Via Dolorosa (stations of the cross)
  • Go to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher
  • Walk the 1,700-year-old Byzantine Cardo and Jewish Quarter

The gospels of Matthew and Luke tell us that Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus. It is usually busy during the Christmas season so don’t visit at this time of the year. The transfer from Jerusalem to Bethlehem is 1 hour and 34 minutes. Below are the highlights of Bethlehem:

  • Visit the Church of Nativity (where Jesus was born)
  • Visit the Manger Square (where Jesus was put after birth)
  • Visit a Roman Catholic Church called St. Catharine
  • See the Shepherd’s Fields on the drive back from Bethlehem to Jerusalem

day trips from tel aviv

#2: Masada and Dead Sea

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This is a great option for day trips from Tel Aviv for thrill-seekers! The Masada is on a perched plateau so need to hike Masada for sunrise so expect to start this tour around 5:30 AM. Alternatively, you can ride the cable car to the top but you have to pay for that separately. The price for adults is US$17 while the price for children is US$9. These are only one-way ride prices. At the top, you will see views of the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea.

After hiking the Masada, head to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth. Float all day on the aquamarine surface of the water. The mud at the Dead Sea is believed to be therapeutic so put as much mud as you can!

✨ Tip: You can add Ein Gedi to this day trip and it’s only US$79! Ein Gedi is an oasis in Israel which is really close to the Masada.

day trips from tel aviv

#3: Caesarea, Haifa and Akko

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The harbor city of Caesarea is such an interesting place to visit because it is an ancient Roman City! Here, you will see impressive Roman ruins including one of the largest amphitheatres in the country. The highlight of Haifa is the Baha’i Gardens (UNESCO protected) where you’ll see stunning levels of terraces.

Finally, go up north in the border of Lebanon and Israel and get to know Acre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wander in the city walls, visit the markets and go to a local home to learn how to cook! Acre was once home to the Ottomans, Byzantines, and the Greeks.

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#4: Nazareth, Tiberias and Sea of Galilee

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Pass by the plains of Armaggedon towards the way to Nazareth. The drive from both these cities are is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Two popular landmarks to see in Nazareth are the Church of Annunciation and the Church of St. Joseph’s. At the Sea of Galilee, you will get to see the synagogue of Capernaum and the city of Christ.

The last stop will be the Jordan River (Tiberias) where you can see many people having a baptismal (and you can have one, too!)

day trips from tel aviv

✈️ Ready for your trip to Tel Aviv? If you need more information about the best day trips from Tel Aviv, I’d be happy to update this post – just leave your questions below!

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