The 7 great neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, Israel: which one is your hood?

I lived in many different Tel Aviv neighborhoods. When I first moved here, I really can’t honestly decide where to live considering the housing situation is not that easy. I’ve also hang out in many of my Israeli friends’ hoods and each time, I get more torn because all of the areas in Tel Aviv is very unique!

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I understand that you are only visiting Tel Aviv so you probably won’t care about my rambling about choosing where to live so I will be more focused on tourism in this article (with little hints of what’s it like to live in). FYI, all neighborhoods in Tel Aviv are GREAT. It’s up to you what to skip but I will be very detailed about it!

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🌟 What are the best Tel Aviv neighborhoods?

I am very biased with Jaffa because I lived here. The rent is way cheaper than what I was paying at the center and it is also away from the bustling scene of Tel Aviv. There is a great nightlife in Jaffa and most of my favorite bars are here! It is a great neighborhood to visit for tourists and it’s an even more great option to live in here!

tel aviv neighborhoods

✨ What is the best Tel Aviv neighborhood to visit?

The best Tel Aviv neighborhoods to visit is Kerem, where the HaCarmel is here. This market is every local’s favorite and you must not miss this when in Tel Aviv. I would also highly encourage young people to stay in Florentin, the most hipster of all Tel Aviv neighborhoods.

tel aviv neighborhoods

🏡 What is the best Tel Aviv neighborhood for expats?

I really can’t say if there’s a best Tel Aviv neighborhood for expats because my expat community is spread here. Some of my friends were privileged to find a nice house at the Kerem. Others stick to the center. The rest of my foreign friends with families live in the northern side of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is not that big so you will find a place to live according to your preference. You may need a car if you choose to live in the northern part of the city. I have a bicycle so it’s not hard for me to transport from point A to B. Less traffic, too!

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💃🏻 7 Tel Aviv neighborhoods

#1: Florentin

Florentin is the hipster neighborhood of Tel Aviv with artists and musicians as the prime visitors. There are many murals on the street that are historically meaningful to the people of Tel Aviv. From 1997-2000, the hit series Florentin run on TV: a story about childhood best friends from Jerusalem who moved to Tel Aviv and explore their options. The series highlight the struggles of a young person living in a constantly war-torn country. You must see this show – we highly recommend it!

Things to do in Florentin, Tel Aviv:

  • Go on an art walk and explore the murals of Florentin
  • Get a big hummus lunch at Hummus Hason
  • Go to Satchmo in the evening for drinks (so many cool people here!)

tel aviv neighborhoods

#2: Jaffa

Tel Avivians and Israelis refer to Jaffa as “Yafo” so you may want to use Yafo to sound like a local. The name Yafo is from Noah’s son, Yafet as Jaffa is believed to exist right after the flood wiped the Earth. Jaffa is home to many different cultures so you will see these cultures reflect in restaurants, bars, and shops.

Things to do in Jaffa, Tel Aviv:

  • Visit the Shuk Pishpishim (Flea Market) where you can get many vintage finds!
  • Have some snacks in Abulafia. I love the Bulgarian breads here!
  • Go to Cuckoo’s Nest, a bar hosting art exhibitions regularly. The guys here are my friends and I guarantee you they will give you a great time! This is the best bar in Jaffa, really.

tel aviv neighborhoods

#3: Kerem Hateimanim

Kerem was my dream neighborhood in Tel Aviv. I always wanted to live here but the rent was so high because it’s one of the prime destinations in Israel. Kerem Hateimanim is usually referred to as just “Kerem” by the locals. It was founded by the Yemenites in the 1800s so it is also referred to as the Yemenite Quarters. Kerem is next to Lev Hair at the back of Shuk HaCarmel. This is my favorite area to have brunch every Friday!

Things to do in Kerem, Tel Aviv

  • Eat hummus at Shlomo and Doron, the best hummus restaurant in Tel Aviv
  • Shop at the HaCarmel Market
  • People-watch and street performances every Friday

tel aviv neighborhoods

#4: Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek is the oldest of all Tel Aviv neighborhoods and is believed to be the first area to accept and house Jewish settlers (outside the Jaffa walls) in 1887. The buildings here are really beautiful and like kerem, I also inquired to live here but nope, the rent is super high. I do have a few friends who live here and man, their apartments are Bauhaus inspired! I would consider this as a fancier neighborhood in Tel Aviv since most of the fashion boutiques and gourmet restaurants are here.

Things to do in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

  • Visit the Nachum Gutman Museum of Art
  • Go to the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater
  • Visit the Rokach House

tel aviv neighborhoods

#5: Lev Hair

In English, Lev Ha’ir means the heart of the city. Lev Hair is the central neighborhood of Tel Aviv where you will find the famous White City, a collection of 4,000 Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv. This is also where the wild Tel Aviv nightlife is (check out Rothschild Boulevard). Lev Hair is the hub of expats, digital nomads, and remote workers in Israel.

Things to do in Lev Hair

  • Visit the bars and clubs at Rothschild, including a 24/7 breakfast joint, Benedict
  • Walk along the green parks of Lev Hair and people-watch
  • Try all the many different restaurants in Lev Hair – there’s a lot!

tel aviv neighborhoods

#6: Shapira

Shapira is the least known neighborhood in Tel Aviv but it actually became my favorite spot because it is quite similar to Florentin (but a little fancier). This is the most local neighborhood and you won’t see many tourists here. Majority of the people who live here are Israelis – the foreigners don’t know this area yet but it is one of the best places to live in.

Things to do in Shapira, Tel Aviv

  • Visit all the independent art galleries. Artspace Tel Aviv is a great place to start!
  • Try Chinese food in Israel – go to Xing Long Shapira!

tel aviv neighborhoods

#7: Old North

Like Shapira, the Old North of Tel Aviv is not popular to tourists yet. This is actually the best area to lounge by the beach and you will also find the largest park in the city here. There are fewer people on the northern beaches of Tel Aviv so you may want to drive (or walk) all the way here and check out the beaches.

Things to do in Old North, Tel Aviv

  • Rent a bike in Tel Aviv and drive around HaYarkon Park
  • Visit the Tel Aviv Port
  • Get breakfast at Cafe Jeremiah

tel aviv neighborhoods

✈️ Ready for your trip to Tel Aviv? If you need more information about the neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, I’d be happy to update this post – just leave your questions below!

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